What is CRM?

CRM is a system for managing relationships with your customers (Customer Relationship Management). For any business the most important asset is its customer base. As your business grows it becomes necessary to have one place where people involved in sales can access and manage information.

CRM software will capture customers interactions with your business, and highlight the information needed to have better conversations with your customers, thanks to a complete record of individuals and companies. CRM software improves relationships with clients by providing businesses with tools to develop a successful strategy.

Managers can access information about the progress of team members, and Sales reps benefit from reduced time in collecting data about their clients and the opportunity to spend more time selling.

CRM software can accelerate important business operations in marketing and sales, and increase customer loyalty!

In CRM a Sales Pipeline is the set of stages that a prospect moves through. Once some tasks have been completed (the stage has been completed) the prospect is moved to the next stage. A Sales Pipeline is similar to your sales process, it refers to the actions that your sales reps make for every Lead (i.e. calling to qualify them, sending proposals, etc.).

Who should use a CRM? The short answer is "any company that wants to effectively maintain a relationship with customers". Do you need to maintain information on your leads and customers? Are customers interacting with different people in your company? Do you need a better understanding of your sales team productivity? If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions you could benefit from a CRM solution.

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